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At the City of Melville we are keen to hear from everyone who lives, works, plays, learns or invests in our City.

Providing over 200 services and products, the City of Melville relies on input from the public to continually improve the way we do things.

One of the tools we use to hear from you is our on-line forums and we appreciate your time in providing comments and feedback on things that matter to you.

We also want to know about how we might improve things in Melville and welcome your suggestions. 

We're listening to what you say to help shape the services and products we provide in the City.

Your feedback makes a difference.....Thank you

We're Listening Melville

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  • ‘Have your say on your Laneway’ update…


    Thank you for your participation in helping us name the 5 unique and unnamed laneways in the Riseley Centre Precinct.

    Over 200 people participated in making suggestions and voting!

    We are now following a formal approval process with the names you have voted as the most popular selections. This process can take up to 6 months as it involves seeking approval from the City’s Statutory Planning Department, Endorsement by Council, the Geographic Names Committee, and Lodgement with Landgate.

    Once we have completed this process and received formal approval we will announce the new names.

    by SiteAdmin 26 Jun 2014, 05:34 PM
  • Project Robin Hood - The Story So Far....


    In 2013 the City launched a pilot project called Project Robin Hood - a participatory budgeting program where the community decide how $100,000 is spent. Led by the Youth Advisory Council,

    50 projects and ideas were presented and the wider community were invited to allocate the $100,000 via the budget allocator resulting in 12 of the 50 projects being funded. Project Robin Hood went far beyond just providing $100,000 for the funding of projects, it was about the City of Melville working with the community, and trusting each other to improve public spaces, identify needs and bring benefit to the community.

    To capture the story of Project Robin Hood, the City of Melville has published a short story book which includes a background of the project, the process, the successful projects as well as stories from the community in relation to the workshops and their projects. To view this storybook please click here

    by SiteAdmin 01 May 2014, 05:27 PM
  • Have your say on your Laneway- Time to vote!


    The City of Melville community is being asked to get voting and name five unique laneways in the popular Riseley Centre, Applecross.

    City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said over 4 weeks the public had submitted their ideas for laneway names to the City, and a list created for each laneway which was now open for voting on the City’s we’re listening Melville website.

    “We’ve been thrilled with the public’s response in putting forward name ideas for the laneway’s. Some of the names have also given us interesting historical insight about the area and the different ways in which people feel connected to the place,” he said.

    “Some suggested names up for vote include Two Rivers Lane representing Melville’s location between the Swan and Canning Rivers, Cinema Lane to commemorate the outdoor picture theatre which used to be located where the Pharmacy 777 now stands, and Tony Ale Lane named after the popular vendor who was a major draw card to the precinct for many years with his quality gourmet groceries . “

    The Laneway projects forms part of a larger bid by the City of Melville to create a vibrant and sustainable centre that will be a great place to live, work, socialise and shop. A draft structure plan has been prepared for the Riseley Centre around the intersection of Riseley Street and Canning Highway in Ardross and Applecross. More details are available on the City’s website atwww.melvillecity.com.au.

    There are currently five existing unique and unnamed laneways in the Riseley precinct with the public invited to vote for their favourite name for each laneway. Results will be submitted to Council for final endorsement.

    Voting is now open until 4.00pm Friday, 16 May 2014. Click here to vote!

    by SiteAdmin 15 Apr 2014, 03:42 PM
  • Tell us your ideas to revitalise John Connell Reserve, Melville Glades and surrounds


    The City of Melville has been considering options on how we can revitalise the area of John Connell Reserve, Melville Glades Golf Course and surrounds.

    The City has held a design workshop and a public discussion to find out the communities desires for the reserves and surrounding areas including nearby retail centre, roads, and adjacent residential area and used this feedback to create 3 Concept Designs. Each design outlines elements suggested by the community.

    To view the Concept Designs and tell us what you think please click here

    by SiteAdmin 21 Mar 2014, 01:11 PM
  • Planning for the Future of the Riseley Centre


    This consultation has now concluded

    The City has prepared a draft structure plan for the Riseley Centre — located around the intersection of Riseley Street and Canning Highway in Ardross and Applecross. The goal of the project is to create a vibrant and sustainable centre that will be a great place to live, work, socialise and shop.

    A structure plan is part of the town planning framework for an area and makes recommendations on important matters such as the future zoning, building height and land use of properties within the area. The structure plan will guide what landowners can and can’t do if or when they want to develop their property.

    We’d like to hear your comments on the draft structure plan, please click here to have your say

    PLUS get involved and Have Your Say on Your Laneway by helping the City of Melville name your favourite laneway in the Riseley Centre area. Click here to submit your ideas now!

    by SiteAdmin 03 Feb 2014, 04:47 PM
  • Local Government Reform- Strengthening Communities


    This consultation has now concluded

    In July 2013, following many years of deliberation the State Government announced its plans to reform local government across metropolitan Perth. 

    In October 2013, the City of Melville and other local governments delivered proposals to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) who are tasked with making final recommendations for boundary changes or amalgamations to the Minster's office. 

    The City of Melville presented a proposal in the form of three submissions. Two of the submissions represented a two-phased approach to create a combined Melville/ Fremantle area, while the third submission put forward an enlarged Melville area with Fremantle remaining a separate entity. 

    In November 2013, the State Government put forward their final model for reform to the LGAB, proposing to extend the boundaries of the City of Melville and to retain the City of Fremantle which will also expand with the model. 

    In the coming weeks, the State Government is expected to call for a final round of submissions from local governments and the City of Melville is now working hard to refine its third submission which aligns most closely with the State Government's final model. 

    Click here to tell us what you think and have your say about the proposal... Were Listening Melville!

    by SiteAdmin 23 Jan 2014, 07:02 PM